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The Blue River Campground and RV Park

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“Blue River Summer Adventure”

Are you looking for a unique Mountain Experience this summer?

An experience that combines rugged unexplored mountain wilderness with pampered relaxation and exquisite food at Saddle Restaurant or at the Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing Resort or just simply Park your RV and stay at the Blue River Campground.

An experience where you set your own pace while learning about the environment as you explore and looking to share stories of discovery with like-minded nature mountain people. You can do all of this and more.  Blue River Summer Adventure caters to the ranked beginner as well as the seasoned mountain people.

Our guests vary widely in ability and interest, but with careful selection on the part of our guides, the mountains can offer a thrilling experience to everyone. Your guides keep in close touch with you throughout your stay, to ensure that we are meeting your expectations.




Our hiking groups, organized according to interest and abilities vary in size. The idea is to fit your mountain exploration within the boundaries of your fitness level and wishes.

The following will give you a general idea of how our guides determine hiking groups:

  • You are very active and enjoy strenuous, fast paced hiking

Your group consist of people who spend a lot of time in the mountains, are in great physical condition and enjoy challenging their physical and mental limits.

  • Your exercise regularly and want challenge yourself by hiking full days on varied terrain.

Your group consists of people who are sure-footed in rough terrain, may have some mountain hiking experience, are in very good physical condition and want to push themselves both physically and mentally: hiking over a pass, along ridges or reaching a peak.

  • You exercise less frequently and enjoy hiking for a full day, but at a more relaxed pace.

Your group includes people who may not have any mountain experience, but are keen to explore varied terrain at a slow pace and with an experienced guide.

  • You want to explore the mountains in a relaxed manner with an experienced guide.

Your group may include those who have little or no experience in the mountains, are less sure-footed in rough terrain and are more interested in learning about the environment, fauna and flora than reaching a peak or pass.

Safety:  “Safety is our Priority”

We are considering the weather, helicopter safety, terrain, abilities and wildlife. It is imperative that you always give full attention to your guide’s instructions. You and your guide are in a position of mutual trust. Your guides trust you to follow instructions and remain within the parameters they set.  Our Pilots and Guides want to get home safely at the end of each day ….. and with you!

Your adventure starts in the equipment room as you and your guide organize your gear and food. How light can you go? Outfitted with 25-to 30-pound packs you and your friends will be off to one of the Caribou or Monashees most remote and wild ranges to enjoy the wilderness as you never thought imaginable. Next you are off on one of the following adventures (available July 1 to September 30/09):

  • Heli Hiking mountaineering on Alpine Meadows, glacier walking or climb a peak
  • Heli Fishing catch of the day - cutthroat or rainbow trout
  • Heli Sightseeing views you can’t imagine
  • Heli Biking you can only imagine
  • Heli Skiing summer skiing on a glacier a once in a lifetime event
  • Caribou Backpacking Trip:  3 Nights (includes one flight in and return)
  • Monashee Backpacking Trips:  3 Nights (includes one flight in and return)
  • Lady’s Hiking Trips: Women travelers in search of adventures shared with other like- minded women. Please inquire of special weekends
  • Youth Backpacking Trips Age 8-16 / 3, Nights (to offer kids a real wilderness experience while learning outdoor skills, leadership and environmental ethics)
  • Dates: July 10,11,12/17,18,19/24,25,26,2009
  • Custom Packages: Weddings on Top of the World

All Packages for all ability levels Include (you are welcome to bring any of your own equipment):

  • Transportation by Helicopter
  • Professional Guide
  • Backpack (Day pack)
  • Water bottle
  • Hiking Poles
  • Meals
  • Rain Gear
  • Mountaineering gear (if you book a mountaineering trip) to include ice axe, crampons, helmet
  • Selection of hiking boots for youth, men & women
  • Sleeping bag
  • Tents
  • Fishing rod and tackles

Items what you need to bring:

  • Lightweight jacket (wind and rain resistant)
  • Light weight sweater/fleece or vest
  • Two long or short sleeve shirts
  • Comfortable pants (good selection available at the Lodge shop)
  • Two or three pairs of socks (thick and thin pairs)
  • Shorts
  • Good quality sunglasses
  • Sun Hat
  • Camera
  • Hat (toque) and Gloves
  • Swim Suit
  • Insect repellent and sunscreen
  • Indoor shoes/sandals
  • Optional: binoculars flash light


One full day Package - Hiking or Glacier Walking 
Grizzly Hut Monashee Mountains                                      $ 349.00
Thunder River Lakes Caribou Mountains                          $ 349.00
Most Magnificent Caribou Mountains                               $ 349.00
Norberts Noose Caribou Mountains                                   $ 425.00
Calypso Monashee Mountains                                             $ 349.00
One full day Package - Heli Fishing  
Terrain Lake Monashee Mountains   $ 525.00
Smoke Lake Monashee Mountains                                     $ 525.00
Froth Lake Monashee Mountains                                        $ 525.00
Stevens Lake Caribou Mountains    $ 685.00
Helicopter Sightseeing  
5 minutes     $ 120.00
30 minutes $ 199.00
1 hour  $ 399.00
One full day Heli Biking   
Horseshoe Caribou Mountains $ 349.00
Duffy Monashee Mountains $ 349.00
Summer Heli Skiing (3 runs)  
Most Magnificent Caribou Mountains $ 715.00
Paradise Monashee Mountains  $ 715.00
3 Day Backpacking Mountaineering Trips into the Caribou- Monashees  
Bennys  $ 711.00
Le Blanc Glacier    $ 711.00
Dixon Lake Mount Albreda   $ 1,191.00
Awesome Glacier Peak  $ 1,191.00
 Grizzly Hut Monashee Mountains  
1 Night   $ 387.00
2 Nights $ 534.00
3 Nights $ 681.00
** Prices quoted are in Canadian Dollars, are subject to change without notice, and are subject to the 5% Goods and Service Tax.  Rates are per person from Blue River Summer Adventure location.

For Inquires or Reservations Please Email or Fax
Phone: 250 673 8319
Fax: 250 673 2442

Location of Blue River Summer Adventures A Division of Aufschnaiter Holdings LTD.:
Sports Shop at Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing Resort
Harrwood Drive
PO Box 99
Blue River, B.C.    
V0E 1J0

Additional Information

As soon as you have booked your trip we will mail you a comprehensive information package that includes:

  • Descriptive Heli -Adventure Itinerary
  • Waiver form you need to complete prior to start your activity
  • Packing list
  • Emergency contact details

Please visit the following websites for more information about Blue River, BC:



Erlebnisreiches Bergsteigen, Mountain Biking, Schifahren oder Fischen fuer alle Leistungs und Alterstufen in  den Cariboo  und Monashee Bergketten unter der Anleitung von erfahrenen Fuehrern.  Ein Hubschrauber wird sie in das Zielgebiet fliegen wo sie ihr “Abenteuer” beginnen.  Wir bieten erstklassige Bergfuehrer,kleine Gruppen, Begeisterung und Professionalitaet.

Von 1.Juli bis 30.September 2009 haben wir die folgenden Touren:

Grizzly Hut - Monashees  $349.00
Thunder  River Lakes - Cariboos $349.00
Most Magnificent - Cariboos  $349.00
Norberts Nose - Cariboos  $425.00
Calypso - Monashees    $349.00
Heli Biking  
Horseshoe - Cariboos    $349.00
Duffy”s –Monshees   $349.00
Summer Heli Skiing  
Most Magnificent – Cariboos $715.00
Paradise – Monashees   $715.00
3 Tagestouren in die Cariboo oder Monashee Berwelt  
Benny’s       $711.00
Le Blanc Glacier  $711.00
Dixon Lake Mount Albreda    $1.191.00
Awesome Glacier Peak  $1.191.00
Grizzly Hut Monashee Mountains  
1 Tag   $387.00
2 Tage   $534.00
3 Tage  $681.00

Anfragen oder Reservierungen:
Phone: 250 673 8319
Fax:    250 673 2442


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