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The Blue River Campground and RV Park

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Canoeing in Blue River, BC



The Blue River Campground provides canoes, portage carts and related safety gear to help vacationers experience the splendor of the Canadian Rocky Mountain wilderness lakes. The four most popular lakes nearby: Murtle Lake, Mud Lake, Mystery Lake, & Eleanor Lake -- Each has a vastly different character...

The largest of the lakes near Blue River is Murtle Lake, with over 100km of shoreline. It is the largest lake in North America that does not allow the use of motors. Murtle Lake is one of the few remaining giant wilderness lakes with no road access. There is a 2-1/2 km portage from the parking lot, which is situated 24 km (17 miles) from the town of Blue River.

Murtle Lake is a natural, beautiful, sensitive environment for those who love and appreciate the outdoors. Clear starry nights, no airplanes, no motors (except the Park Warden!). With good weather, the sandy beaches are also quite remarkable!




Murtle Lake

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