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The Blue River Campground and RV Park

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Blue River Campground Rates

Camping Rates
RVs & Tents
Regular Season

  Full service sites $28 - $32
  Electric & water $24 - $26
  Electric $20 - $24
  Basic Site $16 - $20
  Tipi $20 - $25
  Cabin $35 - $40

*Rates are for 2 adults per night
  *Add 6% GST (tax)
  *Add $2 per extra adult
  *Add $1 per child to 10 yrs old
  *Tipis include sleeping mats
  *Cabins have double/single beds
  *Extra tent/RV $5 - $20 per site
  *Sleeping-bag, Liner, and Pillow
$3/unit/night (optional)
   *All rates plus taxes
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Canoe Rentals
& Camping Gear
& Fishing Gear

  Canoes 17'6'' $30/day
  Canoes 18'0'' $35/day
  Canoe Carts $10/day
  Fishing Rods $10/day
  Fishing Packages $20/day
  Tents $10/day
  Sleeping Bags $3/day
  Cook Stoves $2/day
  Complete Camping Packages 35$/day
  *Canoes come with paddles
  *Canoes come with life-jackets
  *Canoes come with Bailer, Throw Rope, Sponge
  *Canoes come with roof mount system: rope and foamies
  *Camping sets include all basic camping equipment one would normally require for 2 people
   *All rates plus taxes
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